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About Bonavie

BONAVIE Body Lotion is made with Europe’s luxury perfume. It is produced and formulated in French Laboratory with international standards that has experience for more than 250 years.

Through this process, Bonavie Europe’s luxury perfume can last a whole day even at outdoors and makes you feel more confident.

BONAVIE Body Lotion also has ingredients that has been proven to help brighten & moisturize your skin from the first touch and helps you to have a silky and glowing skin.

Indulge yourself with the luxury of European perfume that boost your confidence with Bonavie. #ConfidenceInYou

The origin name of BONAVIE came from French; bon means “Good”, à vie means “for life”. So, the meaning of BONAVIE is “Having a Good Life”  BONAVIE is not only an essential product, but a part of lifestyle as a daily need with continuity usage that creates a habit and also a ritual to indulge and take care of yourself.  BONAVIE with their “luxury smell” will radiate your body and become the mood enhancer for yourself and people around you. 

Confidence in You

Every woman is beautiful. It is very important for us to treat ourselves and show our beauty.

Bonavie is here to provide beauty solutions for every woman, with high quality ingredients, and safe at affordable price.

Bonavie for Everyone

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